Friday, July 4, 2008

Phantom Pregnancies

Happy birthday, America. Please accept this gift as a token of my sincere regard.

I still regret not buying the We Are Bacteria comp that Lance (RIP) put out. There are only 100 of them, and I could own at least one. Oh well.

They are far and away my favorite post Huggy Bear band. I would say more but you can listen for yourself! They are so good!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, some records by Phantom Pregnancies.

Phantom Pregnancies/Rent Boy Assassin (Damaged Goods)
1. Heat Gun Summer
2. Delicacy 80
3. Spacenoid Having Fun
4. Technophiliacs Outside The Cinema

Special Child EP (Troubleman Unlimited)
1. Almighty Civilization Cat Daughter
2. Backgarden Holiday (For A Week)
3. Chaka Juan
4. Bad Haircut
5. Do You Think I'm Going To Eat It Now You've Squished It Out Of Shape?
6. Suiciderama
7. Backgarden Holiday (For A Day)

Assassination City (Damaged Goods)
1. Ghost Boy
2. Generate Sparks
3. Supernatural Beast Feast
4. Heat Gun
5. Pro-D
6. Technophiliacs Outside The Cinema
7. Sick Smell Punk
8. Chariot
9. Suiciderama
10. Turpentine To Make It Shine
11. Foam Domes
12. Spaceman Tekkaman
13. Quiffs Don't Suit Me
14. No No A Go Go
15. March Of The Afterbirth
16. Missing On A Milk Carton
17. Pregnant Fantasies
18. Needle In The Red
19. Bruise On
20. Ants In Yr Pants
21. Very Important Adjustments

Phantom Pregnancies/The Cinnamon Imperials (Honey Bear)
1. Viva La Diva
2. Souvenir Central
3. Dazzle Dust Phantom Discoteccamuta
4. I Am The Girl On The Eiffel Tower


CJS said...

awesome blog my man

i luv me some PP

Jerry A. said...

Again, a crazy, blazing band (way the heck past Huggy Bear to my taste)--great, great work!

Delia Sparrow said...

hey glad you liked my band! i did the last sleeve in that list. it was a very fun band to be in.
xx Ms Sparrow xx