Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love Of Diagrams

I would consider all three people in this band good friends despite the fact that they live in Melbourne, Australia. I set up their first show in New York City, which rekindled my friendship with Monika. I knew her because my old band played a show with Sea Scouts in 1999.

I went on tour with them last year for 10 days. I had spent a fair amount of time hanging out with them when they were in town (they stayed at my house more than once) but spending all that time together really solidified our friendships. Hopefully that doesn't sound too sentimental. Anyway, I shared a room with Luke and Antonia.

They all missed out on swimming at Miami Beach because they wanted to sleep in. I woke up early and spent an hour on the beach by myself. I then showered and packed and woke everyone up.

This record is awesome. I got them to play "No Way Out" for me exactly once on the tour, in Houston I think.

They had me introduce them that night and I did the most deadpan, dry delivery that I could sum up. I then twisted my ankle getting off stage. Nice!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, an EP by Love Of Diagrams.

We Got Communication (Unstable Ape)
1. No Way Out
2. Waiting
3. In The Red
4. In The Red (Rework Mutant Tropicalismo By QUA)
5. No Way Out (Dutch Boys Mix By Cut Copy)


Unknown said...

your blog is great.
i have downloaded five or so things already. how do you have the space and bandwidth for everything you have uploaded?

your "about me" bit says it is okay to ask for requests and one of your older posts mentions you had joined the sub pop singles club.
do you by any chance have the team dresch and longstocking split 7" that was a part of the singles club? ("it's a conversation" b/w "never nowhere", released in 1998 i think).

BJ Rubin said...

I do indeed own a copy of that record. At some point in the not too distant future I will make it available to you. Your wish, apparently, is my command.

Lauren Bamford said...

no mention of me - boooooo!

Unknown said...

really? you are ace.
thank you in advance!