Monday, March 9, 2009

Glass Candy & The Shattered Theatre

I saw Glass Candy a few times over the years, but I have to say that the best time was at some house in South Philly. The entire room was going nuts, guitars were broken, and the lineup featured Andy Coronado.

The first time I saw them was at Sound and Fury (which was a fantastic record store in the Lower East Side, it is much missed). Jimi Hey was their drummer at the time and was not allowed in the store because he had previously stolen some records and as a result was permanently banned. I found it amusing that despite the fact that Sound and Fury refused to relax their ban, the band chose to perform anyway. During the show Jimi was sitting outside, selling CDs and looking slightly dejected.

I like that they put a tour CD together just about every time they hit the road, it really gives people who go out to see them something cool to bring home from the show. I think more bands should do that.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Glass Candy & The Shattered Theatre.

Brittle Women b/w Hang Onto Yourself (Self)
1. Brittle Women
2. Hang Onto Yourself

Metal Gods b/w Hurt (Self)
1. Metal Gods
2. Hurt

Demos 31, 37 (Self)
1. Love Love Love
2. Be A Dolly
3. Love On A Plate
4. Brittle Women
5. Black Veil
6. Johnny Are You Queer?
7. The Last Time
8. Nite Nurses
9. Hurt

Smashed Candy (Vermin Scum)
1. Intro
2. Black Veil
3. Johnny Are You Queer?
4. Love, Love, Love
5. Brittle Women
6. Hurt
7. Love On A Plate

Glass Candy & The Shattered Theatre/Subtonix (Troubleman Unlimited)
1. Crystal Migraine

Live At Death Disco 9.26.2001 (Self)
1. Crystal Migraine
2. Love Love Love
3. Love On A Plate
4. Hurt
5. Brittle Women
6. Nite Nurses
7. The Last Time

Love On A Plate b/w Johnny, Are You Queer? (Troubleman Unlimited)
1. Love On A Plate
2. Johnny, Are You Queer?

Demos 5.31.2002 (Self)
1. Don't Rush Me
2. Excite Bike
3. Remake/Remodel
4. Nite Nurses
5. If There Is Something
6. Excite Bike, Again

Fall 2002 Tour CD (Self)
1. Back In N.Y.C.
2. You Are The Fly
3. Bicycleta Emotional
4. Lady From The Black Lagoon

2002 (Self)
1. Excite Bike, Again
2. If There Is Something
3. Metal Gods
4. Love Love Love
5. Bicicleta Emotional
6. Nite Nurses
7. Brittle Women
8. Hurt
9. Lady From The Black Lagoon

Bicicleta Emocional b/w Nueva Version/Remodelada (Troubleman Unlimited)
1. Bicicleta Emocional
2. Nueva Version/Remodelada

The Nite Nurses (Self)
1. Sugar & Whitebread
2. Nite Nurses (12" Version)
3. Life After Sundown (12" Version)
4. Metal Gods
5. Excite Bike
6. Dream Lover
7. Iko (Demo)
8. Love Love Love
9. Cold Party
10. ///
11. Lovin' Machine
12. Excite Bike, Again
13. The Chameleon

Life After Sundown (Troubleman Unlimited)
1. Life After Sundown
2. Life After Sundown (Instrumental)
3. Life After Sundown (Acapella)

You Are The Fly (Self)
1. You Are The Fly
2. Cold Party
3. Nite Nurses
4. Your Dream Lover's On Video Again
5. The Chameleon
7. Brittle Women

Your Dream Lovers (Self)
1. Your Dream Lover's On Video Again
2. Life Aftern Sundown
3. B-Girls
4. Nite Nurses
6. LaBrea Tar Pit

Iko! Iko! (Self)
1. Iko! Iko!
2. Metal Gods
3. Excite Bike
4. Love Love Love
5. You Are The Fly
6. Cold Party
7. The Chameleon

Music Dream (Self)
1. Introduction
2. Ripe Apples
3. Love Buzz
4. The Chameleon
5. Superficial Roadblocks
6. Etheric Device
7. City Lites
8. B Girls
9. Into The Dream