Friday, March 25, 2011

Healing Journey Radio

"This is Dr. Roger Sty Bantam, Certified Shaman of Gehgiah. Gehgiah is a new, exciting religion that combines orthomolecular psychiatry, ancient mystical practice and subsonic frequencies between 411 MHz and 423 MHz to bring people into the landscape of the God Tiger. Before we begin, I want to thank my friend BJ Rubin for offering this sacred space for healing.

Now take a deep breath and hold it. Hold it. Keep holding it. Using the power of the forbidden wilderness, the inner landscape of the God Tiger, I'm going to take you through a basic introduction. The first video you'll watch will begin a process that will change the way you relate to the modern Internet.

Now that you're part of our sacred network, we can travel through a series of liberation modules. This next video will help you unlock the mysteries of your past by helping you reclaim your wounded inner child.

With your wounded inner child at your side, you will visit the crossroads of sexuality and pharmacology. In this next video we will light the fires of tantric ecology and park a dolphin in your mind.

Thriving libidinal energy paves the way to true love. In this audio guided meditation recorded deep in the forbidden wilderness by my predecessor Dr. Morty Satanberg, you will open your heart to the unlikely and impossible.

Our final segment is a journey into your future. Here Dr. Satanberg will bring you to the final gateway, the realm of the Judgment Crow, your death.

You have reached the landscape of the God Tiger, Gehgiah. I honor your work, your gifts, and your inner listener. Thank you for connecting. I open my soul to eternal connection with you.


-Dr. Roger Sty Bantam