Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lost Kids

Lost Kids weren't around too long, but I saw them at Brownies when they played New York. They were great that night, although they didn't agree. Personally, I like shows where the band gets pissed off at soundman and takes it out not only on him but each other. Real tension in a live setting is a rare thing these days, something that I personally miss.

This was when I lived with Andrew Bottomley, and the band stayed with us in our apartment on South 3rd Street. They had the next day off, so we took them on the Staten Island Ferry (Grass Widow was not the first band to receive such treatment, apparently).

I fondly remember Dante emerging from a deli with a large bottle of water in his hand. Apparently the dude had given him a deal, saying "For you, one dollar!" Dante repeated that mantra all day, maybe he still does.

I asked Sonny Kay if he had anything to add (as he did actually put out this record), and he admitted that he might:

"Lost Kids, as I remember it, were kind of a detour from The Starlite Desperation, sometime soon after they'd moved from Salinas/Monterey to Detroit, in 1999 or so. My memory of it is hazy but I don't think the lineup was ever completely solid. Ben Blackwell from the Dirtbombs plays drums on the EP. They toured out to California in 2001, I believe (and I'm fairly certain Jeff from Starlite was playing drums by this point... or was it Jason Riddle? Shit...). I was living in San Diego at the time and the band and myself spent an afternoon in Tijuana, where I shot a bunch of footage of them just kind of walking around amongst the chaos and dusty alleyways, as well as an extended interview with Jennifer Pearl. I wish I knew whatever happened to that tape. I remember them playing a pretty stunning show at the Che Cafe on a crazy lineup with the Flying Luttenbachers and De Facto... Dante sprawled out on the floor. It's a shame they didn't do an LP. "

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Lost Kids.

Belle Isle Is On Fire (GSL)
1. Where The Lost Kids Go
2. Explode
3. Whirling Dervish
4. Alive In The Snow


Damian Hade said...

A seriously underrated record.

Holly said...

Better late than never ... thank you for this!