Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Tix

From the liner notes:

"The Tix have been around for about nine months, inventing and looking for an audience. Now we are cutting our first record. We hope you'll like it; we do. It was recorded at Insight Film Media on January 22-23, 1980. It isn't representative anymore as we are continually metamorphosing. It is an accurate record of where were were in space-time and mentality. Anyway, here it is, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do -- dance to it, eat to it, or something equally physiodelic.

love and kisses
The Tix"


"Nu Wave music is more than a simple reminiscence. It is a parody of high-clone dressing without the rigid and stylized mold. The Tix performed this spring (1980) at the Rock Island in Houston, they broke the mold and changed. Rock Island a sometimes club, sometimes playhouse, mostly vacant building engulfed The Tix fully in their own sound. The audience knew, The Tix knew. A burning aggression that destroyed all gramour and singled the erotic with sadism was not only felt but mastered at Rock Island. Unnoticed by most, it was a return to the 60s, the 50s and late 40s. Not a return to somple salad dressing music but a continuation of an intelligent revival. The Tix's style explores the past's unfulfilled promise."

This is fantastic. Everything about it looks handmade, private press records are the best. They did it themselves, and the organ sounds great.

Ben Franklin ain't no friend of mine, indeed.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, The Tix.

The Tix (Lunar Lab)

1. Gucci Pucci
2. Manneuqin
3. Icarus
4. What I Want
5. Ben Franklin
6. The World Is My Cage

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Punk Business Manager said...

Thanks a lot for posting this Tix 10"! I have been wanting to hear it ever since I first saw the record listed in the Texas Punk Discography about 12 years ago. Always nice to learn a bit about the band too.