Monday, June 15, 2009

Grass Widow

I saw Grass Widow play three times in 24 hours, no small feat. They were so good the first time that I decided to pick up and go on tour with them the next day, as they had two more shows in New York City. One was at a backyard barbecue in Clinton Hill, the other was in the basement of a candy shop in Little Italy. In between the two shows we went to Veselka for pierogi and to Staten Island via the ferry.

 Letting a little light in on the situation.
 A tender moment.
Hungry for pierogi.
Special binoculars to better see the Statue of Liberty.
Underneath the candy.
The Cookie Monster strikes again, etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Grass Widow.

Grass Widow CD (Self)
1. To Where
2. Celebrate The Mundane
3. Green Screen
4. Long Walk On The Beach
5. Cut It Off
6. Time Could Bend
7. Yellow Balloons

Rank/Xerox/Grass Widow (Wizard Mountain)
1. Out Of Body Experience
2. Black Hole
3. Thirsty Again
4. Uncertain Memory
5. Rattled Call


Emmanuel said...

After Yes Please.... Grass Widow ! Yes Please !

Nate said...

Oh of course Wizard Mountain is involved. Best west coast tape label?

twinpowers said...

bj do you know what "lulu's lips" is on? I need that shit!


Anonymous said...


L said...

Fabulous trio. Thanks so much.