Thursday, February 18, 2010

Buckets of Bile

This is why I like her music so much:

"almost a year ago i had surgery on my foot and they put me under twilight anesthesia, which is where you're not entirely unconscious but you also don't remember beans after the fact. so there i was, lying on the table, waiting for the drugs to take me away while about a dozen people scurry around in scrubs and get ready to break my bones. then this music comes on and i can't believe it because it's this intense, really clangy industrial noise music, and my doctor looks at me and goes 'hey jackie, you like the music we put on?' and all i can think is YOU ARE GOING TO BREAK MY BONES TO THIS? I HAD YOU FIGURED ALL WRONG, BUDDY, YOU ARE TWISTED! the guy always struck me as a who fan. but then the next thing i remember is waking up.

i go home and stay in bed for days. friends come by to say hi and i find myself repeating this story to everyone because i STILL can't believe that the entire room of people could have possibly agreed upon that music. so the next week when i go to the doc's office for my first follow-up i ask him for the band name so that i can listen to more of the soundtrack to my surgery. he goes 'what did you hear?' and i tell him and he laughs and goes 'jack, that was the drugs. we listened to classic rock.'

and i always think of that story now when people bring it up that 'buckets of bile' can be a misleading name for my music (my favorite: 'i was expecting 4 dudes from providence'). i guess deep down i'm not fooling anyone with this home-fried stuff, i'm secretly really all about harsh industrial noise rock."

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Buckets of Bile.

Outside Mind (Speed Tapes)
1. Outside Mind
2. Growing Gone

Paid in Puke/Buckets of Bile (Speed Tapes)
1. Broke The Mold
2. Solver
3. My Viking Funeral

XXperiments (Die Stasi)
1. Caught It Still

Ladyz In Noyz: An Addendum (Corpus Callosum)
1. A Sign
2. So Knotted Down


Speed Tapes said...

BJ, if you like Buckets of Bile, you gotta hear her in 50 Pounds of Grits.

-Speed Matt

P.S. Yer Bonus Surprise package is coming.

Dodecahedron said...

Mmmm love her