Wednesday, February 17, 2010

T.M.I. 015: A Compilation

From the desk of Alice Cohen:

"T.M.I. 015 is a compilation of pop-rock bands from Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. It came out in 1983 on the T.M.I. Products label which was started by two of the guys from the Pittsburgh band Carsickness. T.M.I. had put out about 20 products in all when it folded in 1984 or 85, and this comp was the 15th release, hence its name. The Moroccos track was recorded at a place called Linden Studios in Ambler, Pa. also known as 'the Barn' - probably the most magical place I've ever recorded in. It was literally a huge barn, on the home property of the Mauchly family - John Mauchly, the father, had invented the first digital computer there - the ENIAC - in the early 40s. His son, Bill Mauchly, was a musician and had started the studio in the mid 70s with the late Vinnie Moos, who played bass in the Moroccos. The Barn also had a mellotron - sent over from Britain in the early 70s. To this day, I've never seen one anywhere else. The mellotron used a series of tapes inside of it, which play when the keys are struck. This mellotron is used on the Moroccos track, and I think Carsickness used it on their track too. Carsickness and Club of Rome recorded their tracks at the Barn as well. Club of Rome was the band of Charlie Hanson, who later became my bandmate in the Vels. So these are pre-Vels projects. In addition to the mellotron, the 'Wheel of Fortune' track features a piano solo by me, samples of carnival sounds, and a sort of 'ska' rhythm influence, which was popular in bands we liked at that time, like XTC. It was a hugely fertile time period musically, with bands being sort of whimsical, humorous, and colorful, in a way that seemed really lighthearted and fun, and very specific to that moment in time."

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, T.M.I. 015: A Compilation.

T.M.I. 015: A Compilation (Three Mile Island)
1. Jungle Book (Dancing Cigarettes)
2. Dream Factory (Carsickness)
3. Nervous Breakdown (Johnny Clampett and the Walkers)
4. Sacrifice (Club of Rome)
5. Lies (Easter Island)
6. Beatsickness (Cold Warrior and the Mercenary Band)
7. It's Not Right (F-Models)
8. More (Nominal Bond)
9. Wheel Of Fortune (Moroccos)
10. Serenade (Tripod Jimmie)
11. A Quick Trip (Chris Koenigsberg)
12. Body Motion (Stick Against Stone)


Jake said...

I've only listened up to track four so far, but this is something else.

Punk Business Manager said...

Another great post! I have been wanting to hear this comp for a while- so thanks!