Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pukekos TV

Colleen Green - Green One
Real Estate - Crime
Parquet Courts - Sunbathing Animal
Frankie Cosmos - Embody
Major Lazer - Come On To Me (Featuring Sean Paul)
Sugar - If I Can't Change Your Mind
Tune-Yards - Water Fountain
Ronald Paris - Myystic

Produced by BJ Rubin

Thanks to Lauren Martin, Colleen Green, Jason Baxter, Hardly Art, Real Estate, Rob Hatch-Miller, Domino Records, Parquet Courts, Kevin Pedersen, What's Your Rupture?, Frankie Cosmos, Major Lazer, Mariel Wade, Secretly Canadian, Sugar, Edsel Records, Tune-Yards, Gabe Spierer, 4AD Records, Ronald Paris & Seagreen Records

Original Airdate - 6/12/14 on MNN2 in Manhattan

©2014 Dick Move Productions

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