Tuesday, February 24, 2009

These Are Powers

Most of these records feature the now defunct lineup with Ted McGrath, the only exception being the split with The Creeping Nobodies. The Terrific Seasons EP is basically the first side of Terrific Seasons, but produced as a tour CDr. The cassette was later reissued as a limited run CDr, but without the untitled Side B. The pamphlet was handed out at some of their early shows.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, These Are Powers.

These Are Powers Pamphlet (Self)

These Are Powers CS (Self)
1. The South Angel
2. With All My Might
3. Creme Teeth
4. The Question Is
5. Hoop Snake
6. Untitled

The South Angel EP (Self)
1. The South Angel
2. Sick Anvil (Club Happy Best Vs Murdatron Remix)
3. South Angle (FMold Sacrifice Fly Remix)
4. The South Angel (Walter Gross Remix)

Silver Lung (Elsie and Jack)
1. Silver Lung
2. Funeral Xylophone
3. Crows Of Troy

Terrific Seasons EP (Self)
1. You Come With Nothing
2. Makes Visible
3. Cracks In The Lifeline
4. Shells For A Dead Chief
5. Little Sisters Of Beijing

These Are Powers/The Creeping Nobodies (Army of Bad Luck)
1. Cockles

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Josh Bonati said...

Man I kinda didn't realize they had this much shit out!