Friday, February 27, 2009

Black Cat #13

I wanted to like this band and obviously gave them a number of chances before deciding that this sort of music just wasn't for me. The records were shelved for some years and not listened to again until recently.

I was surprised to find that my opinion had indeed changed over time. The truth is that I quite enjoyed these records. I do have a soft spot in my heart for Canadians, and although they are from The Great White North I don't think that fact is clouding my judgement.

I never saw them, for one reason or another. These things happen.

I believe people in this band went on to perform in such groups as The Sick Lipstick (who I did actually see once in Brooklyn), Death From Above (1979 or otherwise), etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Black Cat #13.

Black Cat #13 EP (King Of The Monsters)
1. Wrist Toward Elbow
2. The Girl With The Wire Skull
3. Ingest With Water
4. Push The Panik Button

I Blast Off! (31G)
1. I Blast Off
2. I Sleep With Astronauts
3. Pink Dolls Wink
4. War #1

Black Cat #13/International Strike Force (Radio One)
1. My Smile Is Pink
2. Ingest With Water (Mono Remix)


Anonymous said...

great blog/thx pukekos!
can you upload some jazz man's needle & Sarin's 7"?

The Grub Scout said...

shame you don't have the BC#13 single that has the Phantom Preggers cover on it.

rob said...

i had a couple 7's from these guys before too. wasn't really into them. maybe i'll give them another listen too. thanks.