Monday, February 9, 2009

Delicate Vomit

Delicate Vomit were a band comprised of three ladies from Newcastle. I heard their track on the Elastic Jet Mission compilation and it was love at first sight or whatever it is when you decide that you like a band on the basis of hearing one song.

Tracking down singles that came out over a decade ago by some obscure English band can sometimes be a bit of a chore, but this particular task ended up being relatively simple, courtesy of the internet. I had to pay shipping from England (and had to get each single from a different seller), but in the end it was worth it because I get to present what I believe is the discography of a great band that most people have probably not yet had the pleasure of listening to.

It is a shame that a label like Slampt never released a proper album for them, as I'm sure it would have been fantastic. At least now you can hear the rest of their material.

Just a note -- I understand that there probably aren't two labels called Underwear and Underware, but that is how it was spelled on the records. Don't shoot the messenger.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Delicate Vomit.

Elastic Jet Mission (Slampt)
1. Terminal Pincer

D-Vom (Scooter Wing)
1. Jack In The Box
2. Machine
3. Nowhere Boy

Hello Spoddy Moomin (Underwear)
1. Spoddy Man
2. Hello
3. Moomin Baby

Little Bird b/w She Loves To Sing (Underware)
1. Little Bird
2. She Loves to Sing

4 Track 4 Track (Slampt)
1. Mr. Potato Head


brandumb said...

I've been enjoying your blog for a bit now and thought I'd say thanks for all the great stuff you've put up. Totally a trip down memory lane.

You wouldn't happen to have the first Helium single. It was pretty straight forward rock, but soo good as I remember.

ANYWAY, thanks again!

spe-lunk-er2000 said...

How bout some Red Monkey? You seem to be big on the Slampt stuff.

cuddlefish said...

Thank you so much for this post :)

headphonesex said...

LOL, I thought I was the only blogger to ever post Delicate Vomit. Nowhere Boy is brilliant.

meg said...

enjoying the blog. maybe you could post the whole elastic jet mission comp one of these days? I'm a fan of Skinned Teen and Avocado Baby and I want to hear these songs!

JaneyD said...

This is amazing! I can't believe DVom singles are still being searched for and purchased on-line. I was the drummer for Delicate Vomit. Thanks for the trip down memory lane - it seems soooo long ago! Jane (Captain Cornplaster!)

chasermag said...

Thanks for all that wonderful stuff!
At you can find the Slampt's Skinless Wonder comp, featuring 3 more songs by DVom. BTW, could you please post the 'I'm Being Good' song from '4 Track 4 Track'? Thanks again.

LukeF said...

I was a teenage Delicate Vomit groupie.

There's a sentence you don't find yourself writing every day.

@JaneyD - I'm sure you won't remember me but, in case you're searching again after another 4.5 years, great to hear you guys again.

McGranc said...

Wonderful, many thanks