Thursday, February 26, 2009


Round The Edges came out in 1972 in some ridiculously small number, which I would say bodes well if I didn't already know that it is fantastic. Seriously, private presses from the early 70s are generally pretty radical. I have been really into listening to psych records lately and these two seriously do not disappoint.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Dark.

Round The Edges (Akarma)
1. Darkside
2. Maypole
3. Live For Today
4. R.C.8.
5. The Cat
6. Zero Time

Artefacts From The Black Museum (Acme)
1. Maypole
2. In The Sky
3. Wasting Your Time
4. Could Have Sworn
5. I'm Not Sad
6. RC8
7. All Through The Night
8. Maypole #2

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slovenlyeric said...

Thanks for putting this up. Anyone who finds this interesting may want to check out a band called Wicked Lady. In the late 1980's a label called Kissing Spell put out reissues of the 1st Dark record, Wicked Lady, and Andromeda, and a couple of other similar/related bands. All of them were excellent. The label also did some psych-folk including Caedmon. Some of which might be too folk so look carefully.