Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Teamsters

I always wanted a copy of The Teamsters tape but had been unable to find one until recently. I have to say that this is a first for Pukekos, but someone read this entry and decided that to better serve the world, they would send me a copy of the tape to put up on here for all to hear. His name is Mike Stoltz and I would like to say that all of us here are very appreciative of his donation.

Apparently this band was discovered when they opened for Rye Coalition in a basement in Olympia. I believe it featured a young Ian Vanek, before his days in Japanther.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a single by The Teamsters.

The Teamsters EP (Self)
1. The Teamsters National Anthem
2. Honky Tonk Woman (Live)
3. Yakima
4. I'm A Criminal (Live)

The Teamsters CS (Troubleman Unlimited)
1. Egg Roll King
2. I'm A Criminal
3. Oktuberfest
4. Mombo King's
5. Lots Of Dan's
6. Heman's Hobby
7. Yakima
8. All-Star Presidents
9. Robo Wars


Nathan Backous said...

I discovered this band when they opened for Trumans Water in a basement in Portland (the Powerhouse). Yeah, Ian was in this band. I had the Teamsters tape but it was lent to a friend in the summer of 1995 and never seen again. I'm pretty sure Troubleman released it. I still have the cover somewhere. Yes, I still have an empty tape case that I bought almost 14 years ago (and has been empty for almost as long). I've moved over 10 times since then. What is wrong with me?

Dw said...

The Teamsters also featured Ben and Beau from Federation X, another great NW band.

The Weed Man said...

Here's some great 4-tracks from 1993/3

please send all feedback to derfalcon at gmail thanks

thanks for offering your collection up for us