Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Frankie Cosmos

"Quick Songs is a collection of stuff I made during a week-long song-a-day project with some other great musician friends (pretty sure it started out as Gabby from Eskimeaux's idea). We posted the songs every day on this website. It was hard to find time to make them but everyone managed to post one almost every day. Most of the songs (like 'quick song') were just fun to make as part of the exercise, to force yourself to write even if you don't think you have something to say, while 'sleep song' ended up being meaningful to me, and is going to be part of a more real song on our next studio album. I highly recommend song-a-day projects for any musicians who wanna get their creative juices flowin'!"

--Madame Frankie Cosmos, PhD

Quick Songs (Pukekos)
1. correctly
2. quick song
3. derealizing
4. family with a dog
5. may 9
6. sleep song
7. pov of toothbrush