Monday, April 27, 2009

Teengirl Fantasy

"Sometimes when I close my eyes I picture a club far away where there is free piña coladas. People are happy and no one can hurt me, not even myself. Suddenly a glitter ball light starts pulsating out of a cube that appeared out of the ocean. It slowly walked towards me and asked me to dance. I figured, why not? The night grew into a sunrise, I sat on a rooftop and cried while falling asleep, but with a glimmer of a smile on my face. It was possibly the most beautiful club I'd ever been to. The pulsating ball of light was called Teengirl Fantasy."

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Teengirl Fantasy.

TGIF EP (Pukekos)
1. Floor to Floor
2. Now That's What I Call Vol. 2
3. Azz Klapz
4. Portofino


Peter said...

excellent blog dude. really into this teengirl fantasy. i was also nostalgic for up and coming bands at vassar, my old homeground. everyone once in a while they get some great shows. check my blog out at

D said...

my favorite thing on here so far. like if animal collective and energy 92.7 hooked up at a gay bar in oakland. moreeee please.

hurricane_mario said...

they have a 10 track cd-r which is apparently impossible to find. Please find it!!! This is so amazing

Stefan said...

These guys are fucking awesome. I got the CD-R off of What.CD, if anyone is interested and they want it.

OhChristianFace said...

Stefan, it'd be great if you could e-mail me that CD-R. I'd appreciate it a lot man.

Tim D. Roth said...

Man, Azz Klapz and Portofino are so gold! I cannot stop listening to this.

antonio said...

Stefan, I too would like a copy of that.