Friday, April 3, 2009


The first time I saw Growing was at The Smell some years ago. It was when they still lived in the Northwest, and they were unbelievable. They played in the middle room and the brick walls were literally reverberating from all the sonics coming from their amplifiers. It almost sounded like they were trading off solos, it was completely mindblowing.

The next time I saw them was in Brooklyn. They were seated and had invested in more pedals. It certainly had its moments, but that show at The Smell was AMAZING.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a single by Growing.

Dry Drunk On Woman b/w Residual Effects (Nail In The Coffin/Megablade)
1. Dry Drunk On Woman
2. Residual Effects

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Arthur Rambo said...

I would be much obliged if you could upload the Nervous System side of the split they did with mur*der, assuming of course that you have the record