Thursday, April 2, 2009


My friend talked me into buying the Mohinder LP at a show at The Cobalt Cafe way back in 1994. I miss kids bringing their distros to shows, that used to be one of the best ways to find out about new bands before the internet. There is something to be said about handing over cash and receiving goods for it immediately.

I didn't like it at first. I put the record away and didn't pull it out again until the next year.

Apparently something had changed in the intervening time as I didn't find it grating the way I found it before. I found that I actually quite liked it.

Mohinder was a big influence on The Angel Assassins, especially James' drumming. I never saw Mohinder but I have seen him play drums and it is quite a sight to behold.

They were from Cupertino, CA and set up shows at their local library all the time. I wholeheartedly approve as I like to take every opportunity to support public libraries. I even drove 75 miles each way to see shows at the Huntington Beach Library throughout the summer of 1996. The last show I ever saw there was Jimmy Eat World (not a fan) opening for Three Mile Pilot (very much a fan).

GSL released their discography (which also features bonus live material not included here, different from what is on Transient Sequences) a few years ago, but it occurred to me that most of you had probably never actually seen these records before. They are all beautifully silkscreened, and the cover of Mohinder/Nitwits is handpainted as well. Every cover of the Mohinder LP (it is actually a 7", but they called it an LP because it has 8 songs on it) is unique, it was screened on pages from a magazine (although I'm not sure which particular periodical).

I believe Transient Sequences to be a bootleg, despite it claiming to be an Unleaded release. I cannot say for sure one way or the other however.

Members of Mohinder went on to be in such bands as Jenny Piccolo, Calm, Valium Aggelein, Makara, Duster, etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Mohinder.

Oh Nation, You Bleed From Many Wounds, 1896 (Unleaded)
1. To Satisfy
2. Run
3. Give
4. Inhuman Nature
5. Numb

Mohinder/Nitwits (Unleaded/Stinky Feet)
1. Number One
2. Imbalance
3. Itch

Mohinder LP (Gravity)
1. The Mission
2. Alien
3. Division
4. Acceptance
5. The Static Cult
6. Beautiful
7. One Warrior
8. Expiration

Farmhouse Compilation 94 (Farmhouse)
1. 101

Transient Sequences (Unleaded)
1. Ellipse
2. Number Two
3. Give
4. Itch
5. Imbalance
6. 101
7. Channelled
8. Numb

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SK said...

TRANSIENT SEQUENCES is legit, but it came out much later than everything else and was basically done by James on his own, if I remember correctly...