Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Black Pus

I think Brian Chippendale is a very interesting musician. The first time I saw Lightning Bolt it was breathtaking, and I would listen to any band he was in.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Black Pus.

Black Pus (Self)
1. Take Me To The Other Slide
2. Dlidoughnuts
3. Wild (Chip) Monks
4. Transluscent Human
5. Jazzercise 2005
6. Missing Damnation
7. Berserk Is The Best
8. The Foot Is Stronger Than The Arm

Black Pus 2 (Self)
1. Kick Out The Pus
2. The Dexilhellipers
3. The Flying Gluton Brothers/Chirpathonic
4. New Atlantis A
5. New Atlantis B/Ultra-Puss Fuss
6. Cut Off The Face Plant
7. Magic Bullet(in)
8. In The Garden On Brackish Pus
9. Humtronix
10. Humtoronix Humthoronix Remix (Bonus Trax)

Black Pus 3: MetamorPus (Self)
1. Which Is Witch
2. Swampus
3. Kind Companion
4. The Mad Scatter
5. Earth Ain't Enuff
6. Exerschism
7. Washed Out
8. Huckdoll Finn

Black Pus 4: All Aboard The Magic Pus (Self)
1. Dreamon
2. Land Of The Lost
3. My House Is A Mouse
4. Juggernaut
5. Kharma Burn
6. The Wise Toad
7. Pagan 4 President
8. Body On The Tide


Nate said...

Oh, excellent. I was just listening to Get on the Magic Pus and thinking I'd never track down the older stuff. Looking forward to checking the Teengirl Fantasy stuff too -- I wonder if the recordings are different from on their recent CDr.

poppyallgood said...

Wow. This name kept popping up, but I didn't realize the connection. Listening to the first release now, and WOW. Thanks so much for sharing these.