Thursday, April 16, 2009

Slumber Party

Another killer band from Detroit, featuring four girls who know how to harmonize. I saw them play once (I think at some Kill Rock Stars CMJ show), although the precise details are lost to me at the moment.

I purchased the two CDrs somewhat recently; somehow even though they've been out for a few years and appear to be limited to 50 they appear to still be available. If I were you I would buy one before they sell out, as they are handmade and beautiful.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Slumber Party.

Ten Little Pills b/w I Never Dreamed (Kill Rock Stars)
1. Ten Little Pills
2. I Never Dreamed

Covers Up (Self)
1. Manic Monday
2. What Goes On
3. Love Will Tear Us Apart
4. The Philosophy Of The World
5. Lay With Me

Xmass (Self)
1. The Friendly Beasts
2. J.C. Is Born


Harold said...


Ben said...

I've been playing Slumber Party's offical albums continuously for years ; one of the Big Underrated Bands of the past decade for me, so THANKS SO MUCH for the covers CD-r!

Haven't even downloaded it yet, but dear lord, I'd never have guessed such a fine thing even existed.

talia rose said...

the first time i heard slumber party was at koo's cafe in 1999. for some reason i associate the memory with kittens, strawberries and christmas.

that was the same year i heard the shaggs and learned about gig, keane and lee big eyed art.

when i got their self titled record, i instantly wished i could make songs as beautiful and sad.

we played a show with them while they were on tour for the 2nd lp. they had decorated themselves with bruises blood and scars.

that was the show a dj from kspc took our cd and made claremont our biggest fans.

i love this band so much, even though everything that came after made the next few years very confusing.

also i might venture to assert their super 8 video for i don't mind might be the seminal foray into lo-fi girl group magnificence.

i always assumed everyone knew about them because of how great their music was, but i suppose around the same time music got confusing (indie went mainstream, records went digital)maybe it got confusing for slumber party too...

ALTCERF said...

i love music again thanks to you..

SophisticatedBrew said...

Thanks for your excellent words. I love this band, they are WAY too underrated/unrecognized. Wish they'd tour more though.