Friday, October 8, 2010


Sprinters burn out in a flash -- flying out of the blocks at full speed when the starter's gun is fired, but the race is over as soon as it is begun. Runners keep a slower pace, better suited for long distances.

The weather in Leeds is perfect for running outside or getting tense and agitated indoors, cold and grey with no sun for weeks on end. Then there is the rain1.

Select Gear list:
1970's Ludwig Silver Sparkle drums
Jen SX-1000
Roland EG-101
Roland SH-9
Yamaha CS-5
Korg M-500
Casio CT-607
Electribe ER-1
Roland 626 drum machine (with external modification unit by Wrongbot)
Novation K-Station
Boss PS-3, PS-5, RV-3, RV-5, BF-2B, PH-3, DD-3, VB-2, CS-3, GE-7

Runners is Dom, Leon, Nash, and Toby

Recorded by Ross Halden at Ghost Town Studios
Mastered by Michael Ward

Leeds, UK 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Runners.

Starting Line b/w Stay Frosty (Pukekos)
1. Starting Line
2. Stay Frosty

1. Rain is a source of vitamin B12, but not a significant one.

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