Thursday, October 6, 2011

American Liberty League

"The American Liberty League was a political organization formed in 1934 by conservative Democrats to oppose the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt. In its current incarnation, it consists of David Earl Buddin on piano and vocals, Tim Dahl on synthesizer, and Kevin Shea on snare drum. They can be seen regularly as the house band on The BJ Rubin Show."

Produced by BJ Rubin
Engineered by Jason LaFarge at Seizures Palace 9/8-9/10/11

New York, NY 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, American Liberty League.

Going to Coney Island EP (Dick Move)
1. Going to Coney Island
2. Not Ready For Parole
3. Still Fell In Love
4. On The Street Where We Live
5. Better Days
6. Show Business

Copies of American Liberty League's Going to Coney Island EP will be available for sale during their performance at:

The Rod & Gun
59 Kent Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211