Saturday, February 14, 2009

True Love Always

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Hopefully this will make the rest of your day a little brighter, whether you are sharing the day with a special someone or celebrating Black Flag day without.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, True Love Always.

Mediterranean c/w Sweet Time (Teenbeat)
1. Mediterranean
2. Sweet Time

Secret Scenes b/w My Shit (Motorway)
1. Secret Scenes
2. My Shit

Take Me Over (Teenbeat)
1. Take Me Over
2. U Coping w/ Me?

Buried Treasure (Teenbeat)
1. Buried Treasure
2. Hopelessly Devoted

1999 Teenbeat Sampler (Teenbeat)
1. Faust

2000 Teenbeat Sampler (Teenbeat)
1. Silence Of The Mind
2. I'm Ready Now

2001 Teenbeat Sampler (Teenbeat)
1. Echoes In

2002 Teenbeat Sampler (Teenbeat)
1. Waves

2003 Teenbeat Sampler (Teenbeat)
1. Frozen Dome Poems

2004 Teenbeat Sampler (Teenbeat)
1. Darkness In The Dark

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thesearepowers said...

i love teenbeat.
heart, bares