Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BJ Rubin

From the liner notes of this, my debut comedy single:

"To spend one's life in the pursuit of personal wealth and happiness is commonplace in today's Western society, but there continue to be rare instances in which an individual will devote his or her life to providing happiness for others.  Some may do so through charity or social work, others by donating generously to philanthropic organizations, but a select few bring happiness directly to people.  We call these individuals entertainers, and of all the sub genres of entertainment, it is only the comedian that strives to elicit laughter directly from other human beings.

By devoting his life to the craft of bringing joy to his audience, BJ Rubin has placed himself in the company of not just peers such as Bob Hope, Andrew Dice Clay and Chris Rock, but Saints and Martyrs as well.

On his most recent recording, Rubin narrates scenarios and scenes of such side-splitting jocularity that all other worldly cares vanish from the minds of his rapt listeners.  Gone are the trivial responsibilities and nerve-racking decisions of modern life, which pale in comparison to the overwhelming enjoyment brought on by Rubin's ebullient and mirthful monologues. A man can heed no higher calling than bringing laughter to the people, a task at which BJ Rubin not only excels, but raises to a previously unimaginable level."

--Leonardo Featherweight

BJ Rubin is BJ Rubin

Monterrey produced by Jeff Davidson at Davidsounds
BJ Rubin -- voice, moog rogue
Jeff Davidson -- drums, percussion

Lesbians produced by Kevin Shea at Spermerang Studios
BJ Rubin -- voice
Kevin Shea -- drums
Matt Mottel -- turkish organ
Weasel Walter -- bass

Mastered by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering
Artwork by Dorie Van Dercreek

New York, NY 2009-10

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, BJ Rubin.

Monterrey b/w Lesbians (Pukekos)
1. Monterrey
2. Lesbians

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Jake said...

I for one would like to hear more of your anecdotes set to this music.