Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ensemble Economique

Ensemble Economique consists of my buddy Brian Pyle, who also plays in Starving Weirdos and Shaking Hands. We met via email after I posted his music, and we became friends immediately due to us both knowing one Steve Lazar (who in addition to playing in Starving Weirdos has been my friend since 1988).

We met in person in London last year when Puttin' on the Ritz played with Starving Weirdos (this was at the same Deerhunter show that I mentioned earlier). The bond was cemented and we invited each other to stay in our respective homes. I look forward to visiting Arcata for the first time, I've been all over California but there are still many parts of the state I've never seen. Sometimes revisiting your roots isn't such a bad thing.

Brian gave me both of these at that show, and asked me not to post them immediately. I complied, but I can't be expected to wait forever.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Ensemble Economique.

At The Foot Of Nameless Roads (Digitalis)
1. At The Foot Of Nameless Roads
2. Mud Banks Shine In Broken Shards
3. Light Reflects As Seagulls Dive
4. In Each Cracked Shell There Is Restless Time
5. In A Weightless Night
6. Your Dream Was Mine
7. Everything Fragmented
8. Fire!

No GPS (Digitalis)
1. Lost In The Woods
2. Lost At Sea
3. Lost On The Bluffs
4. Lost In The Fog
5. Lost In The Jungle
6. Bridge To Eternity
7. Back In The Jungle
8. Mouth Of The River
9. Lost In The Canyons
10. Lost On The Plains

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