Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shaking Hands

I don't know too much about this except it features Merrick and possibly my dear old friend Steve Lazar (although he isn't credited anywhere, the writing on the CD is his and he was the one who gave it to me). Given this information I can only assume that it was a band that played the Arcata area at some point.

I do know that they are both in Starving Weirdos.

Steve gave it to me when he and Merrick came out for No Fun Fest a few years ago. I declined to attend citing "too many beards" as my reason.

Whether Steve is on this record or not I have known him since 1988. He lived a block away from me and we used to do things like play Castlevania II together. His mother was the mayor of Thousand Oaks for a while, too.

He recently was kind enough to fly to New York for my wedding. It was awesome to hang out with him and I hope I get to again before too many years go by.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a CDr by Shaking Hands.

Shaking Hands (Self)
1. Simple Moments Frozen
2. Genre
3. Atop The Fine Line
4. When She Blinks
5. Let Fantasy Ease
6. Ranch
7. Ever-Present Moment
8. (blank)
9. Pain Free And Stoned
10. Faith Rises Up
11. Ranch

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raddude said...

HOLY SHIT!!! this is brian pyle from the band starving weirdos and shaking hands was my band! with all those pop gems penned by yours truly! oh my what a nice surprise!!! steve(a close friend of mine and fellow weirdo) was just a fan and i was always surpised when he gave it to someone to listen to---i'd be like 'why?' and he'd be like 'IT'S GOOD! and i can give it to anyone i want!' a bit of history---shaking hand was originally just me and my bro(jon pyle of RV Paintings) and then Dennis and Merrick joined up later---we gigged and practiced for maybe 2 years and then the band splintered with merrick and i focusing on SW exclusively---just played some of these tracks on my acoustic for the first time in years a couple of nights ago and it felt sooooooo good.

thank you so much for posting this! can't wait to let dennis know!!!