Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quack Quack

Moz is one of the most relaxed, mellow dudes I have ever met. He is also super nice and fun to hang out with. I feel like I could all the time. I got to for a whilst Puttin' On The Ritz toured the United Kingdom with Chops (although not Quack Quack). It was on this tour that he introduced me to one of my favorite things, Branston Pickle.

I have a great picture of him walking through the door of Dom's house in Leeds (where Dom cooked us an amazing vegan Irish breakfast). Hey, it's Moz!

He gave these to me after the tour last year but some reason I didn't listen to them until recently. I feel like I have been telling that story a lot lately. One good thing about this project is that I am listening to a lot of different music and most of it is really, really good.

Please, listen to these immediately.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a single and a CD by Quack Quack.

Quack Quack (Run Of The Mill)
1. We Need The Eggs
2. Cut Me Some Slacks
3. Bravo 150
4. You've Won A Prize
5. Conversations

Mars b/w The Great Catsby (Run Of The Mill)
1. Mars
2. The Great Catsby

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