Saturday, July 26, 2008


We had the sincere pleasure of touring with Chops in the United Kingdom last year, and I hope to have the pleasure to tour with them again. We had a blast and they are some of the nicest dudes you will ever meet.

Dom even made us vegan Irish breakfast. Huzzah!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a tour CDr by Chops.

Chops Tour CDr (Self)
1. No Pork On My Fork
2. Chop Of The Pops
3. Earth Humans Know How To Party
4. Mind Shards In The Morning
5. Ghost Land
6. I'm Stealing Your Vocal Hook
7. Eternal Vacuous Cakehole
8. Live @ Bardens Boudoir

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Kris said...

Hey BJ,

Kris Theo here. Long time no see. I hope you're doing well. We should catch up in person at some point. You've got a really entertaining and enlightening blog here. I definitely appreciate how you don't write solely about the music itself, but rather about how it affects you, how you acquired it, etc. I don't know if this falls in the realm of your blog's scope, but might you be able to digitize some of your old soundboard tapes from Gilman? I remember us speaking about tapes that you had from the VSS and Angel Assassins. Do you have any other live or demo releases that you could post? Any which way, congrats on a great blog.