Thursday, July 10, 2008

Behead The Prophet N.L.S.L.

They were amazing. I saw them a few times, once in a basement with Men's Recovery Project, Thrones, and The Criminals (I might have mentioned this show before, but it was brilliant). Joshua was crowd surfing and was inches from the ceiling. The entire room was going nuts. Amazing.

Their LP is too long (almost as long as the name Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live). The songs are good but bands like this don't need to make long players. Their EP is just right. The split EP is pretty awesome too.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, 3 sides of Behead The Prophet N.L.S.L.

Behead The Prophet N.L.S.L. EP (Outpunk)
1. Soul System Blackout
2. Wardrobe Hassle
3. In Love With The Dead
4. Magnetic Field (Holds A Mirror)
5. Secession
6. Terminal Wall
7. Clenching The Veil
8. Transnegative

Behead The Prophet N.L.S.L./Thrones (Voice Of The Sky)
1. Hot Rails To Hell
2. Strange Electricity
3. I've Got The Time

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theodore said...

How about some love for the Mukilteo Fairies (whose members went on not only to BTPNLSL, but also AYWKUBTTOD and TBFWBW. whew!)?? There is a serious and regrettable lack of blogular representation for this great band.