Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tom LoMacchio

I met Tom in the summer of 1996 and had the pleasure of seeing him several times. He had a good story about being mugged and lying to the mugger about how much money he had. I would say more but he told me the story 12 years ago. I remember hanging out extensively in San Diego, although I know we hung out in some other towns as well (I was spending the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college at my parent's house and thus had enough time on my hands to drive all over Southern California attending punk rock shows).

I remember listening to the LP and it being one of the first times that I could actually distinguish the voice of someone I knew coming through my speakers. Up to that point the people I knew in bands were mostly of the screaming variety, whose voices are not always easily distinguished from that of other screamers. I know it sounds silly, but it was exciting to be able to associate someone's speaking voice with their singing voice. It is something I am still excited about to be honest; one of the rewarding aspects of being involved with underground music is getting to know the people in the bands that matter to you.

Sometime I believe in the year 2000 I briefly dated his sister Dana. I haven't seen her in many years but I hope she is well. Hello to both of you if you happen upon this!

I purchased the LP from him although I seem not to have it anymore (I don't recall selling it but that seems to be the most likely cause for me no longer owning it). I recently repurchased the album on compact disc because I wanted to hear it again. I will hold on to it until I find another copy of the LP.

The songs on these three records are numbered sequentially so you could really put them all together and just call the record The Deadwood Divine if you like (even if the Post Marked Stamps single does spell it "Devine"). But I will preserve the integrity of the individual releases because that is part of what I do here.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Tom LoMacchio.

The Deadwood Divine LP (Spearfinger)
1. To See The Common Perception
2. Of Insignificance Associated With This Creature
3. Die To Reach Divinity
4. Is To Fully Comprehend Misery
5. And Become The Deadwood
6. On Which It Exists.
7. But To Gather These Pieces ("Someone")
8. In Their Temporary State Of Insignificance
9. And Ignite Them With A Kiss
10. For The Creation Of Energy
11. Is To Also Create Life
12. And Once Again
13. Become Divine.

Post Marked Stamps No. 1 (Tree)
1. Where Did I Leave Off

The Deadwood Divine EP (Bloodlink)
1. Words Of Divinity, Now That Of Another.
2. Given The Inspiration To Sing
3. And The Summer Together,
4. To Set Us Free.


Bronze Age UFO said...

I lived in the same town as Tom and Dana and went to high school too, though they were older and much cooler than I.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Unknown said...

thank you sooo much. tom/deadwood divine is one of my favorite things ever. soooo freak'n good.And the more you listen and the better you learn the songs...the better it is. the hated cover has some of the best lyrics ever...i feel like they were written about me. thank you so much. great stuff and i appreciate you perpetuating this awesome music for people that have yet to discover it.