Monday, July 7, 2008


As a rule, I used to buy every record that Gravity put out. I skipped this one because I had disliked the Young Destroyers so much. I saw them play at Jabberjaw twice, opening two otherwise amazing shows (The VSS & Unwound, The VSS & Lungfish).

I decided to give this record a shot when I saw it again recently. Amoeba prices singles to move and I figured it wasn't that big of a risk.

What is the verdict? This record is okay. Not as offensive as I remember. A little off key, not terrible, not great.

Why do I share it with you? Why am I not curating this more carefully? Because this is a journey, a sonic journey if you will. If you don't feel like downloading it you don't have to. Perhaps, however, you will enjoy it more than I do. I already put in the work, I might as well see the results, right? There have been a few other clunkers too but I'm not one to pull punches or waste mp3s.

The cover is pretty cool, though.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a single by Heat.

Chalk It Up b/w A Taste Of Danger (Gravity)
1. Chalk It Up
2. A Taste Of Danger


JAMES said...

I was in full blown Gravity mode when this came out, however, Gravity was not in full blown Gravity mode. I like this record, Staccato Reads and the subsequent less crazy records. Gravity really can/could do no wrong. This may be the fly in the ointment, but as a curator Gravity is superb.

Joshua said...

Ok, sure...but if you coulf pass on thr young destroyers record, that would be amazing...

david p. said...

I finally recognize a show you went to that I was at:young destroyers/the vss/ lungfish show! the young destroyers really were not that great.