Thursday, July 3, 2008

Camera Obscura

This is not the Glaswegian indie band that I have never listened to. This is the band from San Diego that I have. I just wanted to clear that up.

I saw Shortwave Channel exactly once at Gilman Street, which is why I was excited to see Camera Obscura when they came through New York. It was years later that I realized my friend Duane was in this band, as Casey Block was trying to find out more about hardcore and thus was listening to his friends' old bands. You should have heard him talking about Rorschach, it was hilarious.

The Vue/Camera Obscura/The Faint show at Brownies also featured Turing Machine, who were fucking amazing. Little did I know that evening that some years later I would be in a limo with Justin Chearno sitting on my lap on our way to some after hours club. What fun!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, two tour releases by Camera Obscura.

Writing Kodiak b/w We Talked Midi (Self)
1. Writing Kodiak
2. We Talked Midi

Insound Tour Support 13 (Insound)
1. To Paint The Kettle
2. ...Something About A Nightmare: Curtain 1

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Unknown said...

heh. i was djing between sets at that faint/camera obscura show at brownies. ah, those were the days.