Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fuck You I'm Stealing Home

Some time ago I mentioned the evening that Alphabet Of Daggers and two other bands stayed at my house. Fuck You I'm Stealing Home was one of the other bands. It featured Dustin Hawthorne, who went on to fame in Hot Hot Heat. I had met Dustin previously in Victoria when The Angel Assassins stayed at his house. He made us spaghetti.

The night they stayed at my house we were all impressed by the fact that he could fall right asleep on the couch despite the lights being on and people making noise around him. What was more impressive was the fact that at no point was his hair and less than immaculate.

Why did bands record over old tapes instead of buying new ones? It certainly doesn't help the (already fairly shitty) audio quality. Mine is over Garth Brooks.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a cassette by Fuck You I'm Stealing Home.

We Set Our Alarm Clocks To Zero Hour And Bait Our Breath (Self)
1. Switchblades 4 Naysayers
2. Villa Cosa Nostra Damus
3. Armageddon (Am I Gettin 2 Ya?)
4. The Skinny On The Skinny
5. Garvey's Revenge

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