Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Sounds Of Love ...A To Zzzz

From the liner notes:

"Dim the lights, hug something warm, and surrender your ears to the supremely sensual intermingling of passionate sighs and pulsating electronic music.

Yes...The Sounds Of Love, featuring the recorded verbal 'offerings' of two very emotional, ardent lovers, is played against a backdrop of skilfully SINthesized chords, and builds to a frantic climax unequalled in the most explicit annals of human experience.

Let The Sounds Of Love seduce your imagination...release your inhibitions...and guide you to new, exciting vistas of pleasure beyond all expectations. Listen along with someone you love...someone who appreciates beautiful music."

To sum up -- this record contains the sounds of a couple copulating, backed up by ancient modular synthesizers. 1972 was a good year for such things, apparently.

I even got a little turned on listening to it, etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, The Sounds Of Love ...A To Zzzz.

Sensuously Sinthesized (Yorkshire)
1. Scented Wind
2. Black & Blues
3. Midnight Waterfalls
4. Ravel "Pavane"
5. Ravel "Bolero"
6. Mozart "Piano Concerto No 21"

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