Thursday, December 3, 2009


No, not that X.

Seriously, this band was from Sydney and they ruled. I think record labels have been losing money for decades now just trying to get this into people's hands. An ex-girlfriend played me Aspirations in the summer of 2001, and I soon thereafter picked up this reissue.

When discussing Australian punk bands from the late 70s, I don't know why people talk about Radio Birdman and The Saints but not X. Personally they are my favorite of the three, and those other bands are pretty awesome too.

Maybe people do talk about all three. What do I know?

You can decide for yourself (keep in mind the fact that Aspirations was recorded in 5 hours). I'm also including a live album recorded during that era. It sounds great and includes mostly songs that aren't on the album, oddly enough.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, X.

Aspirations (Rocknroll Blitzkrieg/Now!)

1. Suck Suck
2. Present
3. Simulated Lovers
4. Police
5. Revolution
6. Turn My Head
7. Good On Ya Baby
8. Delinquent Cars
9.  I Don't Wanna Go Out
10. Dipstick
11. It Must Be Me
12. Coat Of Green
13. Waiting
14. Batman

Live at the Civic '79 (Dropkick)
1. Infamy
2. Fuckin' Rockin'
3. Dipstick
4. All Over Now
5. Degenerate Boy
6. Dream Baby
7. Hey You
8. Not Fade Away
9. Don't Wanna Do It
10. I Don't Wanna Go Out
11. That's Not Nice
12. Runaway
13. Slash Ya Wrists


tame rat said...

Pity that the current version of this band going around "playing the hits" in australia is such an embarrassing 'classic rock' parody of the loose inventive powerful unpredictable trio captured on X-aspirations .

Gie said...

THANKS!!! I"ve been looking for a decent rip of this X material for a long time.

Mark said...


thanks so much, can't wait to hear the live recording.

definitely check out "Do The Manic" by the Chosen Few and "My Life is a Mess" by the Sick Things if you haven't yet.