Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Starlite Desperation

My old band played a house show (well, an apartment show) in the Mission with them sometime in the year 1997. I don't remember that night very well, I believe I woke up early and moved, then worked all day, then went straight to the show. This was during my teetotaling days as well, so I don't even have alcohol to blame. I do know that some months later a coworker at Epicenter played me the Show You What A Baby Won't LP and I quite liked what I heard. I went and saw them play at Punks With Presses sometime after that (much to the dismay of my then girlfriend as she had people over that night and I sort of walked out in the middle of it. And by sort of I mean totally) and they were fantastic.

These three songs have always been among my favorites of theirs, apart from the one about throwing up on New Year's Eve.

Some years later Lost Kids stayed at my house and Dante told me that he remembered The Angel Assassins being a bunch of dicks. Touché!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, 1.5 singles by The Starlite Desperation.

The Starlite Desperation/Sunshine (GSL)
1. Shut My Door

Hot For Preacher b/w (I'm Gonna Waste) Your Train (GSL)
1. Hot For Preacher
2. (I'm Gonna Waste) Your Train

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graves666 said...

i'm pretty sure i was at that show in the mission too. didn't duradelinquent (sp?) play too?