Friday, March 7, 2008

Los Microwaves

I have to admit that I didn't (and don't) really know much about this band. They were not performing in an era that I was attending rock and roll shows (I was approximately 4.5 when they disbanded), although some perfunctory research reminds me that they were originally from San Francisco. Apparently they moved to New York, predating my own move from the west coast to the city that never sleeps by about 18 years or so. Touché.

I will admit ignorance here and say that my interest was initially piqued in this band because of Le Shok's cover of "TV In My Eye". What is interesting is that I purchased a record that did not actually have that song on it. Interesting to me, at any rate.

I used to DJ occasionally, due exclusively to the fact that I have a large record collection and not because I knew how to "beat match" or "make people dance". I would often play this record when I did. I cannot recall if it was well received or not.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a single by Los Microwaves.

I Don't Want To Hold You b/w Forever (Time Release)
1. I Don't Want To Hold You
2. Forever

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