Monday, March 24, 2008

The Yah Mos

I never got to see The Yah Mos. The Angel Assassins were supposed to play a show with them in Berkeley, but they never turned up. We were a bit disappointed, but as the saying goes the show must go on. It did.

I heard some time later that they had called it a day, so that was it.

I purchased the Undefeated LP when it came out a few years ago but never listened to it that much as it seemed obvious why it never came out at the time. Not their best work.

These two EPs however, are fantastic.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, 2 records by The Yah Mos.

Right On (Sunney Sindicut)
1. Your Best Interest
2. Refusenik
3. Letter Bomb
4. Rent Is Due
5. Be Cool

Off Your Parents EP (Recess)
1. Fare Inspector = Pig
2. So
3. Bobby Harley
4. Fuck That
5. Tuesday At 4


Unknown said...

I've always loved these EP's . Never Heard the 12" , though I've been locking for it for years.!

JAMES said...

yeah, these eps rules the school. Yah Mos played in knoxville with Antioch Arrow and Thumbnail in maybe 1994/5. It was amazing. I liked Yah Mos wayyyyy more than Antioch Arrow...I wonder how I would feel about that show now?

jrg said...

thank you thank you thank you for this!

James Joyce said...

I saw the Yah Mos several times during their 1994 Summer Tour. Every time it was the best show of my life. I have some pictures buried in this post here: