Thursday, March 6, 2008


I had the pleasure of seeing The Monorchid twice in the summer of 1997 -- first at 924 Gilman Street and then again at the Capitol Theater in Olympia during Yo-Yo A Go-Go. I used to occasionally record bands off the sound board at Gilman and was disappointed that I could not do the same for them as they were not playing through the public address system. I was told that I was free to pop in a cassette if I wanted a killer recording of the drums and the vocals. I declined.

I dutifully purchased every Monorchid record as I have problems with incomplete collections. I put them all on a single tape so I could listen to them outside of my bedroom. Since I no longer own a walkman, I committed them to mp3, marking the second time I recorded these songs for posterity.

My friend Mark recently referred to Gravity record as being "top 40 material". I am inclined to agree.

I recall that particular summer quite wistfully for some reason.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, all three 7"s by The Monorchid.

Impostor Costume With Rooted Hair Mask (Lovitt)
1. Southern Fried Wonton
2. Oral Fixation Anonymous
3. Shark Bites Back

When The Mutes Begin To Root (Gravity)
1. S.S. Hopeless
2. Red Meat
3. Diet For An Underdog

Distortion b/w Babies (Simple Machines)
1. Distortion
2. Babies


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Dick Sweat said...

I got to see them play for the fist time at a Ruritan Club in Monroe, VA, just outside of Lynchburg. Somebody begged them, I think. They must have loved what they did to drive all that way.

There's a fan-mypace for whoever's interested:

Fideaux said...

Terrific, thanks so much.

Unknown said...

Loved these guys. Thanks for the great post.