Thursday, March 20, 2008

Slant 6

I don't remember how I was introduced to Slant 6, but I do remember listening to Soda Pop*Rip Off at my friend Sarah's house in Victoria, BC. When I say Sarah's house I mean that literally as she had her own house separate from her parents'. I also had my own house, but it was the smallest of the three.

That was not a particularly fun trip. Sarah had just started a job, which while I couldn't really fault her for was sort of annoying. What I could fault her with was insisting on being in bed by 10pm sharp every night, whether working the
next day or not. As a 16 year old traveling by bus around the country without anywhere in particular to be until I started college a few months later, I found this frustrating. I spent most of my time there moping around my guest house, wondering why I had bothered. I read several books, and spent some time talking to her mother (who seemed quite nice, although I wasn't there to visit her mother).

Her father was wealthy and made his living managing upscale hotels. We spent Canada Day on the balcony of such a hotel overlooking a bay and watched some pretty mediocre fireworks whilst I was accosted by rich people I couldn't really relate to.

I never spoke to her again!

You want to know what we did on our big day out together? She took me took a wax museum!

These were the final 2 Slant 6 songs to be released, and I believe they are my favorite.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, 1 side of Slant 6.

Slant 6/The Make-Up (Time Bomb)
1. I Love You A Lot
2. Rebel Rebel, Bat Cat

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better than bowie himself!