Friday, March 28, 2008


I used to spend a lot more time with Jon Fine, or The Poodles as he is affectionately known. I had heard about his old band Vineland, but didn't know much about them. Jon had said he would give me a record but never did.

I managed to find the Vineland record but never got around to listening to it, which happens sometimes.

Recently I was in Philadelphia and found myself (as is my custom when out of town) record shopping. Whilst digging through a bunch of poorly organized 7"s in a dank basement, I discovered one with a sticker on it that said "Ex Bitch Magnet". Since Seam is never really referred to that way, I thought I might be on to something. It was, of course, a second Vineland record!

I came home from Philadelphia and listened to both of the records, taking care to record them for posterity. The verdict? The first record I found (their second) is better than the second (their first). I present them both because that is the kind of guy I am.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, 2 singles by Vineland.

Archetype b/w Unfriendly (The Matt Label/Land Speed)
1. Archetype
2. Unfriendly

Obsidian b/w Thicket (Zero Sum)
1. Obsidian
2. Thicket

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