Friday, March 14, 2008

The Male Nurse

I know that this band is from Scotland and sounds like The Fall. For me, that is more than enough!

Ladies and gentleman, for your listening pleasure, 2.5 singles by The Male Nurse.

G.D.R. b/w I'm A Man (Guided Missile)
1. G.D.R.
2. I'm A Man

Magic Circle In The Sky b/w What Does Woman Want? (Guided Missile)
1. Magic Circle In The Sky
2. What Does Woman Want?

The Male Nurse/Gilded Lil (Stupidcat)
1. The Male Nurse Tower


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hey! Male Nurse, nice post. Was just browsing your blog, saw the Yummy Fur stuff and hoped you would have the Nurse stuff, too. Pretty sure those bands shared members. And I think one went on to Franz Ferdinand (oh well, lad's got to eat!).