Thursday, March 27, 2008


I wasn't really allowed to attend rock and roll concerts when I was a teenager. My mother had read somewhere about someone being killed in a mosh pit and honestly believed that a similar fate would befall me were I to venture out into the world of live music. At the tender age of 16 I was allowed to see Jawbreaker at The Roxy, but only because I was going with my friend Dan Kaufman and (more importantly) his 27 year old brother in law. I was told that should he have so much as a sip of beer I should call my parents and they would drive down and pick me up. The first thing he did upon arrival is purchase a beer. Jawbreaker were amazing that night.

During that same time period I saw a band from Simi Valley called Pawn. I don't know that this record has held up over the years as well as others, but I used to love going to see them and I used to listen to this record a lot. As you can imagine, I always get a bit nostalgic when I put it on. Care to take a trip down memory lane with me?

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a single from Pawn.

The End Of Something (LifeLongLife)
1. Thief
2. Indian Giver
3. Soon

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Unknown said...

once a year i get it in my mind that im gonna find this 7 inch on the internet... and for whatever reason today was the day that i typed in the right thing to find it.

i truly appreciate this.