Monday, March 30, 2009


I picked up the first Scars single some years ago at Amoeba because it was on Fast. Seriously, that label released zero bad records. It never even really went out of business, in fact Bob Last stopped running the label because it was becoming TOO successful.

These records are all fantastic. I used to listen to the first single constantly.

So many cool bands came out of Scotland during that era -- Josef K, Flowers, Orange Juice, Fire Engines, etc.

I also have a gold flexi that I still hope someday to get to play properly. Flexis have to be one of the worst formats ever invented, they are impossible to take good care of.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Scars.

Adult/ery b/w Horrorshow (Fast Product)
1. Adult/ery
2. Horrorshow

They Came And Took Her b/w Romance By Mail (Pre)
1. They Came And Took Her
2. Romance By Mail

Love Song b/w Psychomodo (Pre)
1. Love Song
2. Psychomodo

All About You b/w Author! Author! (Pre)
1. All About You
2. Author! Author!

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exilestreet said...

Interesting wee band The Scars, afriend of mine, Richard Butchins worked for Pre, so go to see them a fair bit. i already had bought that Fast single. Very out of it band, the singer is mentioned in one of the Nico biogs as living with her and being her "style advisor" which would make you laugh if you saw the way they were dressed on the cover of their album 'Author Author'! Good blog by the way.