Thursday, July 31, 2008

Knife Skills

The first time I saw Knife Skills was at North 6 (now Music Hall Of Williamsburg or some shit), although I can't remember who they were playing with. Jerry Fuchs was playing drums and they sounded like Black Flag. Awesome.

I had met Anna several times previously through one Alice Cohen. We always got on well, and even tried playing music together once (it went well I thought, but we never ended up doing it again). I am still very good friends with Anna and would consider myself a well wisher.

Anna is now in the excellent These Are Powers. If you have not heard them I would highly recommend them to you.

The Knife Skills EP was later released as Get Home Safe with less songs.

The Bling Bling Blang Blang EP has a silk screened cover but the ink has been falling off. It used to be a lot more legible, but what it says should be no great mystery.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Knife Skills.

Knife Skills EP (Self)
1. Burn + Race
2. Get Home Safe
3. JT Leroy Meet Dennis Cooper
4. Our Summer (Of Teenage Lust)
5. Keep Me Busy
6. This Business Is Killing Me
7. Today I Went To The Doctor And...

Bling Bling Blang Blang EP (Self)
1. Dr. Doctor
2. Today I Went To The Doctor And...
3. Debt To Evil
4. Something Is Distorting


Josh Bonati said...

Great! Never heard this stuff before, and way before I knew Anna. History lesson!

FonLin Nyeu said...

Just saw this, BJ, it's great! Thanks for sharing our memories on line. xo, FonLin