Tuesday, July 8, 2008


If you listen closely to the cassette you can hear my voice in there somewhere. If you don't know me, it might be more difficult to parse but I'll leave you to it. That is also my distortion pedal treating the guitar but that might be even harder to distinguish.

I met George at a party many years ago. He walked up to me and said "You're in The Angel Assassins, aren't you. Hi, I'm George."

George and I went on to be roommates. I believe I introduced the two of them when Gabe brought his laundry over to his house one day.

I still miss that house sometimes. We called it The Appomattox, and Gabe wrote an awesome song about it that I would love to hear again someday. All the shows we did there were super fun, including the Dub Narcotic/Black Heart Procession extravaganza. That was a wild night, indeed.

I never actually saw the band with Ceci in it as I had moved away by the time she joined. I didn't meet her until after she moved to New York.

The last track on the single wasn't named on the insert so I decided "Less Belts" was appropriate because it is the first thing shouted at them by someone who's voice I can't recognize. Stand up and be counted, whoever you are.

I haven't spoken to Gabe recently but I talk to George and Ceci all the time. If any of you are reading this, hello!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, some tunes by Boxleitner.

Live In Oakland 7.24.99 (Repulse!)
1. Live In Oakland 7.24.99
2. I Am Boxleitner (Remix)

Boxleitner/Total Shutdown (Zum/Thin The Herd)
1. Oero
2. Swine Flu
3. Hot
4. Less Belts


Unknown said...

i am pretty sure the guy yelling "more belts" is chris dixon

Jeff said...

I was at this show and think I may have even contributed to the BART passes that adorned these cassettes. My original is around here somewhere. Good shit...I'm glad I found your site today.