Monday, January 5, 2009

Sleeping Body

A great record that people probably don't listen to all that often.

This is yet another recent purchase that I can't believe I didn't already own. I must have passed up copies on numerous occasions for what I am sure was a good reason at the time (most likely limited funds).

I am still working on that Vermin Scum discography.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a single by Sleeping Body.

Awaken (Vermin Scum)
1. Logogram
2. Post Prison Writing
3. Rise To Fall
4. Home Is Foreign


Jeff said...

One of my favorite 7"s of all time. Thanks for posting!

oops said...

Man I HATED this record... But the last song I really liked! Except for that silly spoken word part..

But I remember a situation, where someone (and I can't remember who...) told me that at one of their NYC shows Agnostic Front came up in conversation, and homeboy in SB was like "Agnostic who?" And everyone was like "Seriously? You have never heard of Agnostic Front? Are you effing kidding??" Like maybe there was that weird too cool to be honest about knowing about bands that were thought of "uncouth". But this is also the time when kids were coming into the punk scene and just emulating other bands that were currently around, and were completely unaware of any punk history.. It was sooo weird.. Like everyone just copied everyone else soooo bad. Even down to the gear. One band that was pretty cool becasue they were coming from a different world was Groundwork.. Hint hint?? They played like Ibanez through Crate cabs. Gasp!


we used to listen to this one constantly!!!

christopher/ constatine sankathi

please peep my spot.