Sunday, January 11, 2009

GoGoGo Airheart

The first time I saw GoGoGo Airheart was at Punks with Presses in Oakland (flyer included). It was also the first time I saw Out Hud, so all in all it was a pretty awesome evening.

I saw them in New York a few more times, although I have to admit my interest began waning towards the end. All the records featured here are still pretty killer, though. Love My Life... Hate My Friends is my favorite, if you are curious. It is the original vinyl pressing, which apparently has one more song than the CD.

I'm still trying to track down the Cassette Pet series, and if I should discover any of them I will be sure to share them with you.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, plenty of GoGoGo Airheart.

GoGoGo/Carpet (Wheat)
1. Derailer

GoGoGo Airheart (Vinyl Communications)
1. c8/...'Programme'
2. November, November
3. A Book Of Dress
4. Landscape
5. Jukebox Capitol
6. Elgin Marbles
7. 4 1/2 To 9
8. Distance
9. A Foreign Language
10. Red-Dial, Re-Dial
11. Chemistry In The UXA
12. Something Else
13. Untitled
14. Community, Continuity, Insecurity
15. Take The Structure
16. Holiday
17. Positions Are Not Popular

Judgement/Pressure b/w Birds (Flapping Jet)
1. Judgement/Pressure
2. Birds

Love My Life... Hate My Friends (The Ideal Weight)
1. No Language (Before Its Time)
2. First Among Equals
3. Congratulations
4. SP3
5. How I Feel Tried
6. When Introductions Begin
7. The Ideal Weight
8. Reaction Atria (Parts 1 & 2)
9. These Honor Suits
10. The Correct Handling Of Contradiction
11. Rebirth
12. Ever Since I Was Young
13. The Friendship Revolution

GoGoGo Airheart/90 Day Men (Box Factory)
1. Hypnotized
2. I Knew
3. Who Are The Young?
4. International Feel
5. Is This Berlin?
6. 4 Your Will

The Things We Need (Overcoat)
1. The Things We Need
2. This Major Sea
3. A Song In Three Cycles
4. Survival
5. Bloodtest
6. Ivo
7. A New House

GoGoGo Airheart/The Syncopation (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
1. The Beauty Of Appetite
2. Teri & Julie

Song For Video b/w Shower (Static Kills)
1. Song For Video
2. Shower

Real Live Kill... b/w Ripe From The Vine (GSL)
1. Real Live Kill...
2. Ripe From The Vine


Peter said...

I was at that show, Petty Crime had been in San Diego a few weeks (or maybe months) and we recorded our track for that Troubleman comp and with Mike from GoGoGo and I made sure to catch every show they did in the Bay Area. Still think Things We Need is their best work, these guys are severely underappreciated.

POORPBK said...

I can't seem to pick a favorite, it's all really good material. thanks for helping me round out my collection with some of these.

mandingo said...

love these guys. Love My Life... is probably my favorite. thanks for this post.

any chance we might be able to get those 90 Day Men tracks as well?

Anonymous said...

Ok so I've been searching for this song 'The methodist', that I was positive was on the go go go airheart/90 day men split. In the song they incorporate lines from a leonard cohen poem from his 'beautiful losers' book. know it?? .I use to have the album...long story short I don't anymore. Do you know where I can get my hands on that song at the very least? Your blog came up when I was searching so I thought I'd ask. I guess I will just check back here to see if you reply or you can try to find me on myspace at