Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The first time I really met Joe was at Silent Barn. We were both fantastically drunk and riding our bikes in roughly the same direction so we rode together. It was that night that I discovered that his day job is teaching physics to high school students. Being one that enjoys the sciences, I discovered we had much to talk about, despite the fact that the last time I studied physics was the mid 90s.

Matt Marlin on the other hand is a dude I have known around for what seems like forever. I have absolutely no recollection of how we met, he's one of those dudes (not entirely unlike myself) who is around all the time. And what a pleasure it is to have him around!

Zach Lehrhoff (or whatever it is he calls himself these days) is a subject far too deep and graphic to be discussed here. It would be better perhaps as a topic of a doctoral thesis or a book. Suffice it to say that he plays bass (and occasionally guitar) in this band.

The cover for I Can See A River scanned a little weird. The word bubble (of sorts) that is coming out of the mouth of the dinosaur looking guy is actually pink, but  for some reason my scanner decided it was more of a blue. Same with the lettering for the title. I have absolutely no idea why this is.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, 2 singles by Pterodactyl.

Friday, During The Day (Self)
1. Friday, During The Day
2. Loose Lips
3. Safe Like A Train

I Can See A River (Cardboard)
1. I Can See A River
2. Good And Evil
3. Who Knew?
4. No Young Ones

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